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Many people contemplating SMP (Scalp Tattooing, also known as Scalp Micropigmentation) have looked into a hair transplant. SMP is a form of medical tattooing and is a non surgical alternative to a hair transplant. Scalp Tattooing can create a hairline, camouflage alopecia, add density to thinning hair, add hair follicle impressions and transform your image.

Whilst SMP doesn't promise hair growth, it does promise to camouflage areas with no or little hair. Here are some facts about the SMP process to help you decide whether its right for you:

  • - 3/4 sessions usually required that are 10-14 days apart

  • - Treatment can be complete in as little as 20 days

  • - Redness after treatment lasts approx 1 hour - so there is little or no down time

  • - Costing up to £1500, whereas, a transplant in the UK can cost up to £30,000

  • - Top up may be required approximately 5 years after treatment - costing 1/4 of the initial treatment cost

  • - Results are instant and mild to no pain is experienced during and post treatment



SCALP.UK is based in Chester City Centre, UK. We specialise in Scalp Micropigmentation | Scalp Tattooing. Please contact us via website, email, or whatsapp with any queries you may have 07931199570.






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